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100 Languages I Love You Necklace Instructions


How to use our Projection Necklace.

  1. Turn on your cell phone flashlight (regular flashlight doesn’t work).
  2. Place the back of the center crystal against the cellphone flashlight and shine a light to project the words onto a wall or surface.

Alternatively, you can see the words on your cell phone screen

  1. Turn on your front (selfie) camera
  2. Place the oval front side of the pendant against the camera
  3. To capture a picture of the words you need to do a screen capture(press the lock and volume together), not a selfie photo.

Projecting does take some practice, but some tips are:

  • Projecting in a dark area.
  • Adjust the angle and position of the pendant
  • Make sure the light is flush against the back of the pendant center crystal and concentrated through the stone itself i.e. not bleeding out light around the peace.

 Note: If you look through the stone with your eye the words will be inverted/backwards the image(s) will be upside down. Most of our jewelry is designed to project the words on the wall with exception of few items such as the bangle bracelets